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The Rhythm & Run 5K is a rapidly growing race attracting hundreds of runners from across the southeastern United States. They needed an updated and easy to manage website to help draw more runners and sponsors for their annual event.

In addition, it was important for their team wanted to be able to capture information from runners and volunteers.

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The Rhythm & Run 5K had an outdated website that no longer satisfied their business needs. The redesigned website needed to be easy to manage and update for their staff.

They also wanted to collect data from runners and volunteers.


  • Designed a modern, mobile responsive website
  • Added multiple optin forms to collect data and register volunteers
  • Developed customized administrative dashboard for staff to easily manage the websites
  • Added animated photo gallery to display photos from past races


The Rhythm & Run 5K needed an updated and more stylish website to attract runners and sponsors for their annual race. The website also needed to be easy for their staff to update and manage. The site also needed to be able to capture data from user.


Develop a comprehensive website redesign package including customized elements.    


Our team worked with the Rhythm & Run 5K to develop an updated website focused on runners and sponsors.

The site is designed to have a modern and stylish look with an eye-catching homepage display. It provides up-to-date information and resources important to runners and potential volunteers including 3D animated and downloadable materials like the race course. The site also has detailed race results for all past races.

Photos from past races is a draw and engages users, so our team added an animated photo gallery of all the past events. This also helps potential new racers to get an idea of what the race is all about.

An important aspect of development was the Rhythm & Run 5K staff needed an easy way to manage and update the website to allow for event updates and other needed changes. Our team developed an easy to use permission-based administrative dashboard for their employees to manage the website content.

The site also includes an optin forms for volunteers and potential sponsors to register and/or request additional information for the race team.


The Rhythm & Run 5K received a modern front facing websites that allowed easier access to information for their users. The new website is also more engaging as users now have a longer time on site than the previous website.

The Rhythm & Run 5K received positive feedback from users about the new websites, and the staff is happy to have a simple to use system to help manage their site.

From The Client

“RBS provided us with the best customized solutions for managing our projects, website, and social media along with easy to understand training. These tools have been vital to the success of our organization and we are very happy with the expert advice and results!”

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