How Video Marketing Can Boost Your Lead Generation By Over 300%

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If you’re not using video marketing to promote your business, product/service, and/or yourself (we’ll have later post on why you should be promoting you as well as your company), you’re making a HUGE mistake.

Video Marketing is one of the hottest craze on the Internet right now and for good reason too. Internet Video Marketing benefits include:

  1. Ranking higher on search engines
  2. 52% of Internet users watch video
  3. 27% of Internet users exclusively go to the Internet to watch video
  4. Web Videos are one of the most “sticky” (stay on a particular webpage) parts of the Internet
  5. Online Video Marketing creates a bond and attraction between viewer and the people on video
  6. Most companies aren’t using Internet Video Marketing so it gives users a strong competitive advantage

We believe Video Marketing is a MUST for almost all companies. Most of the benefits are listed above but another lesser known fact is that YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. That’s right, not Yahoo, not Bing (formerly MSN) but YouTube. Literally millions and millions of people are searching YouTube daily, so if you’re not on that Social Media site you’re losing out to your competitor who is.

However, the key is most of your competitors are probably not using online video marketing yet.  So you can be an early adapter and reap the benefits. For example, if you search for the term fishing equipment in Google, first you’ll find that photos and videos are prominently displayed in the organic results. Second you’ll see that over 22,000,000 sites reference the keywords – Fishing + Equipment.  (Please note that your search engine research may vary slightly from the above for various reasons like when you try this)

Now go on over to YouTube and type in the same keywords. You’ll see only 26,000 videos referencing those keywords. Now just think about that for a minute – You can get on the #2 search engine in the world with well over 21,000,000 less competitors, still rank highly on the #1 search engine and do all this for FREE.  So now do you see why we recommend clients to do video marketing.

So what kind of videos can you do?

  1. Product or service demonstrations
  2. Customer testimonials
  3. Reviews

There are many other types of videos you can do.  But there is a strategy involved in Video Marketing including what specific subjects and tags to use for your videos, what equipment to use, how long it should be and where and how to post them to name a few.

I’m a marketer, plain and simple. I help you get found by your target market and influence them to buy from you. I mainly use digital marketing techniques but I implement offline marketing techniques as well.

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